IELTS Writing Task 2 on playing computer games, effects and solutions

IELTS Writing Task 2 on playing computer games, effects and solutions

Writing task 2

These days many people have access to computers on a wide basis and many children play computer games.What are the bad impacts of children playing computer games and what can be done to minimise the negative effects 

 Model answer 

With the advancement of technology and the internet, computers have become an integral part of all people’s life, since, with the aid of computers, the masses can perform different work within a short period. Computers are being used by children for playing as they are fascinated by computer games. Although these activities have many adverse effects, yet solutions are there to overcome these impacts.   

Playing computer games brings so many negative effects in juveniles’ life, the major impact is, spending prolonged hours on computer games affects their physical as well as mental health. To illustrate, children tend to play these games all day around because these games are addictive and they do not go out to play any outdoor game or do any physical exercise that makes them sluggish, obese, and cause some other physiological disorders. For example, a survey conducted in America revealed that 50% of children who have more screen time are obese and inactive in comparison with those children who are actively participating in games. Moreover, these games affect their behavior which causes mental problems. To demonstrate, when juveniles expend their free time on screens, they do not interact with others and are always engrossed in games that make them irritable and aggressive which soon become a serious issue to deal with. Therefore, spending much time these games can deteriorate children’s life.   

Moving to the measures that can be taken to reduce these negative effects, first of all, parents have a major responsibility to make a proper timetable for their children in which includes all activities such as computer games, outdoor games, study time and family time. By following a proper timetable or schedule, children will give importance to each activity. For instance, children should be allowed to play on the computer for more than one hour a day. Apart from this, parents should take their children to nearby parks or grounds where they can play with other children because parents are the ones who can control the activities of their children. Thus, making a proper schedule and playing with them can deter the negative effects of computer games.    

To conclude, computer games have many detrimental effects on children if they play these games excessively. But the best possible solution is parents should monitor the activities of offspring and make an easy-going timetable for them.    

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