IELTS Writing Task 2 – Group Work vs Individual Work (IELTS essay)

IELTS Writing Task 2 - Group Work vs Individual Work

IELTS Writing Task 2
Some people say that children should be indulged in individual work while others think that working in small groups is better for them. Discuss both the approaches and give your opinion.  

Children are tender buds who need lots of care and attention to learn good things. It is believed by some masses that children should be encouraged by their parents to partake in group activities in their leisure time; whilst it is argued by others that children should occupy themselves with their activities. In my opinion, the ways of spending time should be chosen by children under the guidance of their elders and parents.  

To commence with, children should be engaged in useful group activities by their parents because by doing different recreations acts in a team, they can develop some useful skills such as patience, discipline, and teamwork which will be conducive in their future. Moreover, group activities help children to make friends and develop confidence levels, which will be beneficial for them. But at times, parents become so strict and ambitious that they start pushing their offspring to do various strenuous activities.  

However, children have a very packed schedule, so they must expend some time exploring themselves and do different things such as reading, writing, painting, and so on. Thus, they can have a better self-understanding which will help them in their journey of success. Moreover, spending time alone makes them independent and creative. For example, when surrounded by a group, children tend to rely on others for small things consequently they do not hone their skills of imagination, creativity etcetera.  

In my point of view, childhood is a stage of having fun and enjoying life to the fullest, so children’s minds should not be burdened with so many things. They should have the freedom to choose the activities according to their taste. To demonstrate, certain children are extroverts and like to meet new people while introverted children prefer to be engaged in their activities and spend their free time on their own. Thus, kids should not be compelled by their parents to decide pastime activities.   

In conclusion, although, working in a team or group help children in learning moral values, self-understanding is also important. Every child has a different taste so eventually, free time activities should be chosen by young ones under the supervision of guardians.  

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