7 Band essay on People moving to cities – IELTS Writing Task 2

7 Band essay on People moving to cities - IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS – 7 + band writing ✍️ Task 2 on People moving to cities.
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Task 2:
As greater numbers of people move to cities and as cities expand in size, city life loses its appeal.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
It is believed by few that the increase in the number of people immigrating to the cities is the cause for the cities to life losing its charm. I agree with this statement to a great extent.

There is no doubt that city life is interesting, fast bustling as compared to suburbs or the country side because cities have better infrastructure, sewage system, and roadways. The public transport like buses, metros, trains, taxis and private cars are much more advanced today than ever before. Life in a city is convenient and comfortable and the sense of novelty makes the appeal even greater. The choice of restaurants, cafe, shopping malls, office spaces and residential areas are endless in a city. In a nutshell, a city has something to offer for people from all walks of life.

However, the recent increase in population and size of cities has changed many things for the worse. Firstly, an increase in people means general increase in the crowd. Mankind from different financial backgrounds comes to make a living in a city and that means has to mix with all sorts of people. Secondly, the traffic has increased which creates a nuisance as people got stuck in jams to and from work for hours on daily basis. Moreover, due to the higher demand, prices have shot up and things have also become more expensive ranging from groceries to cars to houses.
Personally, I find city life to have become more of a rat race than a luxury. There is a fine line between a popular and a crowded place as more people are attached to cities, the more it’s appeal reduces.

To conclude, city life is not what it was like about a decade ago and I would prefer to eventually move out of the city to a less polluted environment.

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